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The famous Belarusian artists

Napoleon Orda

Napoleon Orda was born in the village of Worocewicze, Pinsk district. Now there is the Museum of Napoleon Orda in Worocewicze. Napoleon finished a good elementary school and Svisloch gymnasium. In 1823 he was admitted to the University of Vilno (Vilnius) to study mathematics and physics, but he cann’t graduate it. He was in Austria, Italy, Switzerland. Orda also studied music by Shopen and received an art education by Gérard .

N. Orda brought many drawings and watercolors painted on the streets of old cities, sketches of ruins against the background of olive groves, palaces, hotels From his first expedition to Spain. His works are in private collections and has published in old local history, historical and scientific journals. He also visited England and Scotland, Holland and Portugal, Algeria ...

N. Orda created 8 series of albums of lithographs of his architectural landscapes.They fairly accurately reflect the beauty and former power of castles, fortifications, estates and parks (Mir, Kreva, Ruzhany, White Tower, Pinsk, Logoisk). Thanks to this, we can imagine how they looked like many architectural monuments and places that were destroyed or changed beyond recognition.

N. Orda's drawings are kept in the Krakow Museum. The Paris museum is dedicated to him.


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